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My Personal Informations

   Dear Friends,

                 This is my personal website , I would like to say some thing to you about me.

                I am Mr. Mukhthar Kunhimmarakkarakath was born in a Village named Adikadalayi in Kerala - India on 01.06.1983...  in a middleclass family There have Grand father, Grandmother,Mother,Father & Six Brothers to me ... I was Completed my Primary Education at my Lovely school that Kadalayi South U.P School kadalayi , then my High school study at Govt.City High School.. After High School i joined Malabar Arts college under Calicut University. I studied there Pre degree and 2 years of degree ..the remainig one year of the degree completed from Jaybees College, Pallikkulam.. I was completed My Computer Hardware Diploma From  Bits & Bytes Computer Hardware and Software College ,Kannur when i was studying for degree... I was Achived the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics in 2003... Then I went to PC world ( one of the Computer Sales and Service Centre at Kannur) I worked ther 6 months as a Computer hardware Job Trainee.. after the trainig they absorbed me as a Service Personnel ... Then after 6 months I turned to Fire and safety engineering.. I joined the Study of Fire and Safety Engineering at National Institute Of Fire Engineering Kannur... The Fire and Safety Engineering is a One Year Diploma course.. I Was completed the Diploma Course  in  September 2004. then After I Sarted Job search in Fire and Safety .. I got many Chances. But I don't get Permission from home to Join ...Then   I turned back to computer Hardware ..I got Job as a service engineer at Datasoft IT Solutions Kannur ... I worked In a sincere way in the firm..

           Then after i came to Abu Dhabi , now i am working in a private company as IT support professional, Now I would like to Become a Web designer .. it is my testing page .. please send your valuable suggestions to my email id

                                                            By Yours

                                                            Mukhthar Kadalayi


   Edited by Mukhthar Kadalayi